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During the Algerian revolution, my great-uncle joined his sister in France and integrated a secret FLN armed group. Settling of scores, attempted murder, hiding, imprisonment and finally expulsion in 1962, his personal journey tells the story of countless ex-fighters for Algerian independence, and echoes the current effervescence of the Arab World. Today, at the age of seventy, El Hadi reveals this dark part of his life.

documentary, Damien Ounouri, Algeria/France/China/Qatar/Kuwait/Germany 2012, 83 min
director Damien Ounouri | script Damien Ounouri, Linda Amiri | camera Matthieu Laclau | editing Matthieu Laclau, Mary Stephen | sound-design Li Dan-Feng | sound Chen Bin, Liu Bao-Sheng, Liu Yuan-Yuan | music Houria Aichi Alla, Smaïl Benhouhou, Youssef Dhafer, Hasna El Becharia | production Mathieu Mullier, Alexandre Singer, Jia Zhangke | a production of Kafard Films and Xstream Pictures in coproduction with Cirta Films, mec film, Linked Productions

From the press

A lyrical, informative, engaging testimony about one of the 20th century's most influential revolutions. (Indiwire)
A lovely, elegant and stirring look at one man's memories of being a fighter for Algeria's liberation from French colonialism, Damien Ounouri's "Fidai" marks a striking advance in Arabic documentary filmmaking. (Variety)