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Counting Tiles

بمشي وبعد

Counting Tiles (Bimchi w B'idd)

A group of clowns travel to the Greek island of Lesvos on a mission to bring laughter to the waves of refugees crossing the sea to escape from war and enter Europe. Unwittingly, the clowns find themselves greeted with closed gates witnessing the effects of new policies enacted by the European Union towards the refugees.
Cynthia, the sister of one of the clowns, joins them on their journey which slowly becomes a reflection on the sisters’ own tale of displacement during the Lebanese civil war.

documentary, Cynthia Choucair, Lebanon 2018, 87 min, Arabic with Engl. ST
Writer, Director Cynthia Choucair | Producers Dimitri Khodr & Cynthia Choucair | co-produced by Lara Abou Saifan, Nicola Sangs, Farah Kassem | Camera Joelle Abou Chabké | Editor Farah Kassem | Sound Design Victor Bresse | Recipient of AFI/Pixelmob post-production support
Characters: Sabine Choucair, Tamara Palmer, Kolleen Kintz, Jan Damm, Jean-Sébastien Lòpez

from the press
Counting Tiles exhibits all her skills as a documentarian, capturing moments of glee amongst the hardship of refugee life on Lesbos. (screen-space)

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