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film-maker Damien Ounouri

Damien Ounouri was born in Clermont-Ferrand (France) in 1982 of a French mother and Algerian father. He studied film theory at Sorbonne University, while developing his cinema practice in an autodidact way with his independent filmmakers group Li Hua Films.
In 2008, his first documentary Xiao Jia going home on the Chinese director Jia Zhang-Ke – Still Life (2006), I wish I knew (2010) – was screened at many festivals around the world. He has directed several short films and documentaries, such as Changping, Sonata in a small Chinese town (2007) and Away from Nedjma (2009).
He is also a tutor, conducting cinema workshops for children and teenagers in Algeria and France.

Kindil el Bahr (2016)
Fidai (2012)
Away from Nedjma (2009)
Xiao Jia going home (2008)
Changping, Sonata in a small Chinese town (2007)