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Diary of a Male Whore

يوميات عاهر

Diary of a Male Whore (Yawmiyat Ahir)

Esam, a young Arab war refugee who lives in Tel Aviv, makes his living as a male prostitute. His physical pleasure, that make him forget his hunger, remind him constantly of his childhood memories in his home village.
Inspired by the novel For Bread Alone by Mohammad Shukry.

short film, Tawfik Abu Wael, Palestine 2001, 14 min, colour, Arabic with English subtitles
Director Tawfik Abu Wael | Script Tawfik Abu Wael | Production Tawfik Abu Wael | Camera Asaf Sudri | Sound Naomi El'aani | Editing Yotam Ben Meir | Cast Tahir Mahamid, Sami Habki, Ruthi Bernstine, Shiri Hadari, Ali Suleiman

from the press
This thought-provoking short provides a window into a life rarely seen. (Philadelphia Palestine Film Festival)
Abu Wael makes this humiliation and repression more memorable by not relying on predictable footage of Palestinians living in poverty and Israeli soldiers peering out of tanks. (The Electronic Intifada)
In Diary of a Male Whore it is the body that remains, only the body and its forces trapped within itself, fluctuating in the form of sexual perversions. This amounts to zero memory, the loss of it completely. (Jump Cut)

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