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Rana's Wedding

القدس في يوم أخر

Rana's Wedding (Al-Quds fi Yowm Akher)

Rana wakes up one morning to an ultimatum delivered by her father: She must either choose a husband from a pre-selected list of eligible men, or she must accompany her father abroad. Rana's Wedding is a romantic drama about a Palestinian girl who wants to get married to the man of her own choice. With only ten hours to find her boyfriend in occupied Jerusalem, Rana sneaks out of her father's house at daybreak to find her forbidden love, Khalil. Facing barriers and occupation which have become an everyday reality, Rana overcomes her fears and doubts, deciding not to let anyone control her life.

feature fiction, Hany Abu-Assad, Palestine 2002, 90 min, 35mm, Arabisch with German subtitles
Rana Clara Khoury | Khalil Khalifa Natour | Ramzy Ismael Dabbag | DOP Brigit Hillenius n.s.c.| Sound Mark Wessner | Music Mariecke van der Linden, Bashar Abd Rabbou | Editing Denise Janzée | Sound Design Peter Flamman | Story Liana Badr | script Ihab Lamey, Liana Badr | Line Producer Mohammad Buqa’I | Associate Producer Mohammed Rachid | Producers Bero Beyer, George Ibrahim | director Hany Abu-Assad | PG 6

from the press
A bittersweet film that tells the story of Palestinian life as eloquently as anything ever done. (San Francisco Chronicle)
Excellent drama, and perhaps the dawn of a new era in Palestinian filmmaking. (Film Threat)