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Eccomi ... Eccoti

ها أنا ... ها أنت

Eccomi ... Eccoti (Here I am ... Here you are)

Two men, two contrasting realities, and a quest for a shared future despite a world of physical and imaginary boundaries.
Eccomi ... Eccoti is a road-trip documentary that explores the depths of a transnational gay relationship in today’s world. Set between Lebanon and Italy, this essay film is a poetic collage of fragments from a personal archive of shared moments: still travel photos, ambient sounds and videos of everyday instances. Through conversations between the filmmaker and his partner, this film raises questions of love, commitment, familial trauma, European border restrictions, LGBT rights and ongoing persecutions all within the contours of a shimmering queer utopia. 

documentary, Raed Rafei, Lebanon 2017, 68 min, color, Arabic/French/Italian/English with Engl. ST
Director Raed Rafei | Production Raed Rafei, Irit Neidhardt | DoP Raed Rafei, Corinne Shawi, Jad Youssef | Editing Raed Rafei, Ann de Mo | Sound Design Raed Rafei, Lama Sawaya | Sound Mixing Lama Sawaya @ DB Studio | Coloring Bilal Hibri (Rez Visuals) | With support from Screen Institute Beirut, Ashkal Alwan (The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts), Goethe Institute and the AFAC (The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture).

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| Q&A with the director (online-video)

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