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Middle Eastern Cinemas


Welcome to mec film!

mec film is an international distribution and sales company for films exclusively from the Middle East and North Africa. On the background of ongoing debates about the region - religion and violence, the role of women, or terror - we want to add a different angle and show films that are made in the Arab World. We represent short and feature length documentary and fiction films - without compromise on artistic quality. The mec film catalogue contains only works by film-makers from the Arab World.

The films in the International Catalogue have English subtitles, sometimes we can provide translation in additional languages.

mec film is serving as agent to the films of renown Syrian film-maker Mohamad Malas. Together with Dunia Film in Damascus we make copies available or connect you to the distributor for your territory.

The movies in the German Catalogue are subtitled in German and are all feature length.

Many titles from the catalogue can be watched online at our partners MMedia in Beirut or at the mec film channel at realeyz in Berlin. A selection of documentaries is availble for online viewing in the mec flm collection at minaa in Amman. Those who prefer to hold a DVD in their hand find most of the titles from this catalogue as well as selected additional films from the Middle East our DVD-shop.

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International Catalogue

In this catalogue you find short and feature length films with English subtitles, sometimes we can provide additional languages. Most films are available in digital formats. more

by Ghassan Halwani is awarded with the Fathy Farag Prize for Best Artistic Contribution - International Film Critics’ Week at the 40th Cairo International Film Festival (Egypt) and the main award of the Laceno d'oro Festival (Italy). At Transcinema in Lima (Peru) is was honored with a special mention in the international competition.

by Cynthia Choucair shows in December at the Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Amman (Jordan).

by Liwaa Yazji is shown at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (Poland) in the second week in December.

DVD of the month: HAUNTED
“When the bombs fell, the first thing we did was run away. It was not until later that we realized we had not looked back. We were not allowed to say goodbye to our home, our memories, our photos and the life that was lived within them. We have become vacant like these spaces; our hastily packed belongings and the forgotten things haunt us.” An uncertain existence followed the escape and expulsion from Syria that tumbled into a physical and mental nowhere, a non-space between yesterday and tomorrow. “Haunted” tells of the loss of home and security, of the real and metaphorical meaning which a house, a home has in one’s life.
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The Cinema of Mohamad Malas

mec film is serving as agent to the films of renown Syrian film-maker Mohamad Malas. Together with Dunia Film in Damascus we make copies available or connect you to the distributor for your territory. more

THE NIGHT (al-Leil)
On December 6th and 8th the film shows in the framework of the program Syria, mon amour at the Kinemathek Karlsruhe (Germany).

THE DREAM (al-Manam)
In 1991 Mohamad Malas published his diary about the shooting of “The Dream” including those dreams which were not included into the documentary under the title al-Manam. Mufakirat Filim at Dar al-Adab in Beirut. In 2016 the English translation, The Dream. A Diary of the Film, was released by the American University in Cairo Press. The DVD is availabe at mecfilm-shop.com.

The Cinema of Muhammad Malas. Visions of a Syrian Auteur
A monogragraph about Mohamad Malas' work is forthcoming at palgrave macmillan. Authors Samirah Alkassim and Nezar Andary's book provides an in-depth and intimate study of the cinema of Muhammad Malas. read more

German Catalogue

The films in the German Catalogue are licensed for German theatrical and institutional release and have German subtitles. The movies are shown in the regular art-house more

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