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film-maker Cynthia Choucair

Born in Beirut in 1975, Cynthia Choucair graduated from ALBA in 1998 and obtained a maîtrise in film directing from Iesav-USJ in 2002. For more than 10 years, she has worked as an editor, director and producer on Lebanese short films and documentaries.
In 2007 she established her own production house, Road2Films, where she produces documentaries, fiction films and cultural TV programs for local, Arab and European television networks.
Cynthia Choucair is a member of the Lebanese Cultural Association Beirut DC.

El Haouch, fiction, 14’ 1998
Anonymes, experimental, 5’ 1998
Des Choux et des Chous?, fiction, 8’ 2000
Pictures of Life, experimental, 6’  2000
Al Kursi, fiction, 22’ 2002
Elie Fairuz, documentary, 14’ 2003
Safar, documentary, 28’ 2003
Powerless, documentary, 52’ 2012
Counting Tiles, documentary, 87’ 2018



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