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Standstill (Jumud)

Arihote is a Kanienkehaka “Mohawk”, and war photographer, whose relationship with his son Karhiio has been strained ever since his wife left them. His life takes an unexpected turn when he happens upon the aftermath of the murder of his upstairs neighbour. The killer is Wedad, a Palestinian refugee who sits stunned in the victim’s apartment still clutching the murder weapon. Instead of notifying the police, Arihote decides to help the distraught woman flee the crime scene.

feature fiction, Majdi El Omari, Palestine/Canada/Qatar 2013, 105 min, b&w and color, English/Mohawk/Arabic with Engl. or French ST
Writer / Director / Producer Majdi El Omari | Camera Stéphanie Weber Biron | Art Director Alexandre Juneau | Sound Recordist Sophie Cloutier | Editor Majdi El Omari | Sound Editor Federico O'Reilly | Music Antoine Bustros
Actors Arihote: Atewena:ron David Deerhouse | Karhiio: Iohahiio Curotte | Wedad: Meissoon Azzaria

From the press
Majdi El-Omari's 'Standstill' is a minimalist masterpiece. (Wylie Writers)
The subtle, but impactful, framing brings out powerful emotion in even the quietest of moments. (CinemaAxis)
A film that has every potential to withstand the sands of time. (The Film Corner)

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