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Nation Estate

نايشن إستايت

Nation Estate

Nation Estate is a 9-minute sci-fi short offering a clinically dystopian, yet humorous approach to the deadlock in the Middle East.
The film explores a vertical solution to Palestinian statehood: One colossal skyscraper housing the entire Palestinian population - now finally living the high life.

short Sci-fi, Larissa Sansour, Palestine/Denmark 2012, 9 min, digital, no dialogue
Directing Larissa Sansour | Author Søren Lind | Camera Jesper Toffner | Editing William Dybeck Sorensen | Sound Editing Roar Skau Olsen | Composer Aida Nadeem | Digital Effects Henrik Bach Christensen, Daniel Martinez | Costume Designer Line Frank | Production William Dybeck Sorensen (Redeye Film) | Executive Producer Morten Revsgaard Frederiksen (BEOFILM) | Cast Larissa Sansour, Leila Sansour, Maxim Sansour

Larissa Sansour – Sci-fi Trilogy
Nation Estate (2012) is the middle part of Larissa Sansour’s science fiction trilogy along with A Space Exodus (2008) and In the Future They Ate from the Finest Porcelain (2016). Under the common themes of loss, belonging, heritage and national identity, the three films each explore different aspects of the political turmoil the Middle East. While A Space Exodus envisions the final uprootedness of the Palestinian experience and takes the current political predicament to its extra-terrestrial extreme by landing the first Palestinian on the moon, more



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