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And an Image was Born

ولادة صورة

And an Image Was Born (Wiladat Sura)

Palestinian two years old Razi loves to hear the story of The Monster. The story is an allegory of the Palestinian problem but he is too young to comprehend the political association, he just wants to imagine and live through its details over and over again. The narrator has his own film in his head.

short film, Firas Khoury, Palestine 2017, 9 min, Arabic with English or French ST
Director, Producer, Writer Firas Khoury | Cinematographer Nizar Khoury | Sound Mohamed–Ali Chiboub | Editor Sari Bisharat | Composer Faraj Suleiman | Animation Amer Shomali

Director's Note
Razi Loves stories. His favorite story is “The Monster”. He keeps asking me to tell him that story over and over again. Each time I tell him that story, he lives through its developments and details as if he never heard it before. Razi is carried away with his own two years old imagination, keeping me fascinated by his concentration and facial expressions. I wish I can get into his mind and see what are the images he is constructing there. I feel that through Razi’s face I can see the birth of the human imagination. The story Razi loves is an old one, but it must be heard again and again, especially for a Palestinian child.

Storytelling in the Arab and Palestinian Context
Storytelling is a key social interaction. Through stories people, individuals as societies, give meaning to what they have experienced. Storytelling builds the imagination of individuals and societies. continue

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