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film-maker Majdi El Omari

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Majdi El Omari is a Palestinian/Canadian filmmaker He received (BFA) in filmmaking from the Cairo Institute of Cinema in Egypt, and (MFA) in Film Production from Concordia University, in Montreal, Canada. After working in the Middle East as an assistant director and production manager on various feature and documentary films, El Omari became a filmmaker, scriptwriter, producer and editor.  El Omari’s short films d’auteur have been selected in several international festivals. Standstill was his debut feature film. El-Omari lives in between Haifa and Montreal now is writing his next feature film “The woman of the bees” while teaching fiction filmmaking in Dar al-Kalima University in Bethlehem. 

Mar Mama (short fiction, 15 min) 2022
Between me and you (short fiction, 6 min) 2021
Standstill (feature film, 105 min) 2013
At the Window (short fiction, 30 min) 2005
Traces on the Rock of Elsewhere (short fiction, 15 min) 2000
À propos de l’autre (documentary, 60 min) 1996
The Evergreen Oak (documentary, 37 min) 1992
Al Nawss (The Quiver of the Branch by the Wind) (docudrama, 25 min) 1989
The Question of Assaad (short fiction, 15 min) 1986



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