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Aleppo - Magams for Pleasure

حـلب … مـقامـات المسّرة

Aleppo, Magams for Pleasure (Halab... Magamat al-Masra)

Sheik Sabri Mudallal (83 years) is the last of the Masters of Tarab reciting in Aleppo. The troupe (turath) he established is considered an oriental orchestra that maintains originality and purity, as far as singing, music processing and used instruments, are concerned.
According to Mudallal this kind of singing expresses the loyalty to the traditions of singing and the preserving of the classical school of Aleppo which is one of the main schools in oriental music. Although the education was based on religious reciting, many masters have revived and developed its basics in the beginning of this century, among them were, Sheik Ali Darwish, Omar Al Batch and Bakri Al Kurdi. Sheik Sabri Mudallal, a disciple of these masters, remains the witness and the keeper of this school. His memory and experience are a historical reference to all his predecessors.

documentary, Mohamad Malas, Syria 1999, 52 min, Arabic with English subtitles
Director and Author Mohamad Malas | Photography Yussef Ben Yussef | Editor Qais Al Zubeidi | Production Suedi Film, Abu Dhabi; AMIP, Paris - France | Executive producer Dunia Film, Damascus - Syria

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