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Free Range


Free Range (Sai'ba)

Based on actual events, Free Range is the story of a cow that crosses the border from Israel to Lebanon and meets with 16 year old Malakeh and her family. A  Lebanese Spaghetti-Western that talks about borders and power between people, religions, cows and UN interventions.

short film, Bass Bréche, Lebanon/Germany 2014, 16 min, digital, cinescope, Arabic with Engl. ST
Father Abou Hussein  Ali Chibli | Mother  Aida Sabra | Malakeh Angie Saleh | Son 1 Hussein Zreik | Son 2 Abdallah Bassil Khodari | Mayor Mohammad Akil | UN Indian Soldier 1 Dipu Farhut | UN Indian Soldier 2 Umar Hashmi | Writer Bass Bréche | Director Bass Bréche | Producers Jacques Colman, Katia Saleh, Keve Zvolenszky | Camera Jan Prahl, bvk | Line Producer Nancy Sabbagh | Editor Rana Sabbagha | Production Design Petra Abousleiman | Sound Chadi Roukouz | Music Producer Fadi Tabbal | Music Composer Khyam Allami

the director about the film
"Free Range" is the story of an impecunious Lebanese family living on the border with Israel, a neighbor country that they learned to loathe and fear over the years.  When an Israeli cow surprises the family with an unexpected visit, the family has no choice but milking her, regardless of where she is coming from; hence committing an unforgivable act of disobedience to their local authority and ultimately there is a price that they have to pay.
In Southern Lebanon, the difference is huge between a cow and an Israeli cow, especially to the authorities on both sides of the border. more

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