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film-maker Bass Bréche

Born in 1978, Bass started his career as a theatre actor in Lebanon before moving to the UK to star in critically acclaimed feature films such as Blind Flight by Johnny Furse and the award-winning 9/11 film Hamburg Cell by Antonia Bird.
In 2007, his short film Both was selected for the Cannes International Criticsメ Week, then toured over 50 international film festivals. In 2008, Bass won the Moulin dメAndé residency in France where he finished writing his first feature film, Splits, which was accepted at the Dubai Film Connection and Montpellier Film Festival in France.
From 2009 till 2011 Bass worked on the Emmy Award-winning web-drama Shankaboot as the Lead Writer and Online Content Producer. Bass also worked as a scriptwriter on the award-winning web-series Fasateen.
In 2013 Bass won the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung on his new short film Free Range and he also directed a Libyan-Lebanese short film Ziu.
Currently Bass is based in Beirut and he’s working on his feature film 'Mate'.
Bass is a lecturer at Alba University in Beirut and has a Master’s Degree in Filmmaking from Canterbury Christ Church University College in the UK.

Free Range (2014)
ZIU (2013)
Fasateen (2012, Writer, Web Drama)
Shankaboot (2009-2012, Writer, Web Drama)
Both (2007)



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