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Haunted (Maskoon)

“When the bombs fell, the first thing we did was run away. It was not until later that we realized we had not looked back. We were not allowed to say goodbye to our home, our memories, our photos and the life that was lived within them. We have become vacant like these spaces; our hastily packed belongings and the forgotten things haunt us.” An uncertain existence followed the escape and expulsion from Syria that tumbled into a physical and mental nowhere, a non-space between yesterday and tomorrow. “Haunted” tells of the loss of home and security, of the real and metaphorical meaning which a house, a home has in one’s life.

documentary, Liwaa Yazji, Syria 2014, 112 or 63 min,  Arabic with English ST, several other languages are available
Director, Producer, Writer Liwaa Yazji | Cinematographers Jude Gorany, Talal Khoury, Liwaa Yazji | Sound DB Studio Beirut | Editor Carine Doumit | Composer Kinan Abou Afach

from the press
Filmmaker Liwaa Yazji weaves conversations with friends, family and internal refugees from the Syrian civil war into an eloquent meditation on the physical, emotional and psychological toll of displacement. (tiff)
While many conflict documentaries naturally perpetuate the demarcation between military and civilian actors, Yazji's presentation of her subjects reflects the condition of individuals where that distinction has been effectively eradicated. By challenging the discernibility of that seen through a snipers lens, sovereign verticality is for a moment symbolically refuted. (Ibraaz)

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