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Make a Wish


Make a Wish (Itmanna)

A young Palestinian girl will do whatever it takes to buy a birthday cake. Eleven year-old MARIAM begs her mother for the extra money she needs to buy a cake at the local bakery. Her mother begrudgingly relents, but when Mariam arrives at the bakery, she realizes that she still doesn't have enough. Determined to get the cake, she sets out to brave the obstacles and land some cash. What begins as a simple trip to the bakery turns into a journey that depicts not only the subtle tensions of a politically charged environment, but also illustrates the grief that can result from growing up under occupation.

short film, Cherien Dabis, Palestine 2006, 12 min, colour, 35mm or digital, Arabic with Engl. ST
Mariam Mayar Rantisse |Lama Lone Khilleh | Aida Iman Aoun | Writer/Director/Producer Cherien Dabis | Editor Cherien Dabis | Director of Photography Alison Kelly | Music Kathryn Bostic | Production Designer Cherien Dabis | Casting Director Iman Aoun

From the press
...reinforces the power of short films and the ability to achieve cinematic greatness within the span of a few minutes. (Film Threat)
Very moving and thought provoking. (The Austin Chronicle)
It is the natural, often charming, performances that give this 12-minute film its heart. (Eye for Eye Film)

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