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En Terrain Connu

In Kabylia, Nassim Amaouche digs with his father in the rubble of the family home bombed in 1957, searching for his father's lost childhood, or a new start between both men.

Nassim Amaouche, France, Palestine, United Arab Emirates 2012, 24'
Director Nassim Amaouche | Script Nassim Amaouche | Camera Joseph Guérin | Sound engineer Dana Farzanehpour | Pre-existing music Mahmoud Ahmed | Editing Julien Lacheray

The Dinner

Mais Darwazeh lives alone. In Amman, a city of uprooted people, she creates her own identity by gathering around her table close friends, chosen ingredients, and old recipes.

Maïs Darwazah, France, Palestine, United Arab Emirates 2012, 22'
Director Maïs Darwazah | Script Maïs Darwazah | Camera Arlette Girardot | Pre-existing music Abdel Halim Hafez | Editing Nadia Ben Rachid | Sound Editing François Fayard

My Father's Facebook

Erige Sehiri sets off to meet her father. It seems that the Tunisian revolution and his new addiction to Facebook completely changed him, driving him away, perhaps forever. He even left his family and went back to his small Tunisian village.

Erige Sehiri, France, Palestine, United Arab Emirates 2012, 21'
Director Erige Sehiri | Editing Nadia Ben Rachid | Sound Editing François Fayard | Camera Erige Sehiri, Luca Casavola | Pre-existing music Patrick Smith

Handsome Groom

In the case of Ahmad, Sameh Zoabi's childhood friend, Facebook doesn't measure up. This handsome 35-year-old guy is still single - quite a problematic situation in this Palestinian village of northern Israel. When his mother gives up trying to find him a wife, Sameh decides to take charge.

Sameh Zoabi, France, Palestine, United Arab Emirates  2012, 22'
Director Sameh Zoabi | Camera Danae Elon | Editing Gladys Joujou | Sound Asher Dahan