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Family Albums

موسم حصاد

Family Albums (Mawsem Hisad)

The Arab World is a region in unrest. Today’s young generation of artists was born into conflicts who‘s beginning they do not know and which seem not to end. They carry their parents’ exiles, traumas and lost hopes in them. In Family Albums four filmmakers draw up a sensitive portrait of that region.
In Kabylia, Nassim Amaouche digs with his father in the rubble of the family home bombed in 1957 searching for his father's lost childhood or a new start between both men.
Erige Sehiri too, must rediscover her father. It seems that the Tunisian revolution and his new addiction to Facebook drove him away. He even left his family and went back to his small Tunisian village.
Ahmad, Sameh Zoabi’s childhood friend, is handsome, 35 years old and still single, a quite problematic situation in this little Palestinian village of northern Israel. As his mother gave up to find him a wife, Sameh takes over.
Mais Darwazeh lives in Amman, a city of uprooted people. She builds her identity by gathering around her table close friends, chosen ingredients, and old recipies.

documentary omnibus, Nassim Amaouche, Mais Darwazah, Erige Sehiri, Sameh Zoabi, France/Palestine/UAE 2012, 82 min, digital, Arabic/Berber/French/English with English, French or Arabic subtitles
Artistic producer Raed Andoni | Executive producer Palmyre Badinier | Les Films de Zayna production in co-production with ARTE France, Dar Films and Dubai Entertainment and Media Organisation / Enjaaz

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