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And on a Different Note

وعلى صعيد آخر

And on a Different Note (Wa Ala Sa’eeden Akhar)

A text-image montage with empty apartments, lonely rooms, of views from windows and street scenes in New York and Cairo. In the background: an uninterrupted soundtrack of news and talk shows. Self-proclaimed pundits make their appearance, want to be heard.

short film, Egypt 2015, 24 mins, Color, Arabic/ English with English/Arabic Subtitles
Director Mohammad Shawky Hassan | Editor Louly Seif | Cinematography Michael Kennedy | Sound Michael Kennedy, Mohammad Shawky Hassan | Producer Mohammad Shawky Hassan

from the press
The many layers that make up the film are part of its genius. It’s mainly in Arabic but some written parts are in English, and the two languages don’t often match up. Shawky Hassan doesn’t translate the Arabic dialogue into English word for word, but abbreviates the gist, picking out only certain words in English subtitles. (Mada Masr Independent) full text

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