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film-maker Ramzi Maqdisi

Ramzi Maqdisi was born in Jerusalem, Palestine. He graduated in performing arts in 2000 and worked as actor in the Palestinian National Theatre (2000-2005). There he played, among others, in Searching Handalah, One for the Road, Abu Munir Abed Raboh, Eyes That Can See, Al Sultan Al Aneed wa Al Hadad Asaid, Martin Luther King and Mahmoud Darwish’s Jidariyya. Additionally he performed at Al Rahala, Al Jawal, and the Nordic Black Theatre in Oslo.
In 2005 he received a scholarship from the A.M. Qattan Foundation to continue studies in theatre and performing arts at the University of Barcelona. In that period he wrote the play Maturity (‘Maduresa’) which was funded by the City Council of Barcelona and produced by Quds Art. Other stage credits are Josep Pere Peyró’s The Gates of Heaven at La Invenció Theatre.
After graduating from the University of Barcelona Ramzi Maqdisi studied film directing at the Catalonia Film Making Studies Centre (CECC).
As an actor he participated in films like The Attack by Ziad Doueri, Omar by Hani Abu Assad, Le joure de l'homme by Aurelien Lambert, or his own Solomon's Stone.
Ramzi Maqdisi is a founding member of the Quds Art collective in Jerusalem.

Solomon’s Stone (2015, 25')
Without Oxygen (2014, 48')
Under the Sky (2012, 45')
The Red Beach (2010 , 13')
Espejismo (2008 , 13')
Behind the Wall (2006, 18')



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