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The North Road

الطريق إلى الشمال

The North Road (al-Tarik ila al-Shamal, La route du Nord)

Karim, mid fourties, lives in France since his early teenage years. For the first time in many years he returns to Lebanon to transfer his father remains, who died during the war, from Beirut to his home village.

short film, Carlos Chahine, Lebanon/France, 2008, 25 min, 35mm or digital, Arabic/French with Engl. or French ST
Karim Carlos Chahine | Alain Matthieu Marie | Léa Camille Figuereo | Family friend Fadi Abi Samra | Woman in the shop Abla Khoury | Barman Rami Kodeih | Director & Script Carlos Chahine | Producers Samuel Chauvin & Paul Saadoun (13 Production) | Photography Jacques Bouquin | Sound Chadi Roukoz | Art director Marina Sfeir | Editing Gladys Joujou | Mixage Florent Lavallée

Golden Muhr Award for the best Arab Short Film, Dubai International Film Festival
Cinecinécourt Award, Mediterranean Film Festival Montpellier
Best Shortfilm, Tribeca International Film Festival
Special Mention, Award of the Young Audience, Rencontres cinématographiques de Dignes les Bains
Nominated for the “Jean Vigo” Prize
Best Short Film, Saint Paul Les Trois Chateaux
Best Short Film, International Euro Arab Film Festival AMAL
Best Traditional Short Film, Open Cinema, Sankt Petersburg

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