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July 2010

1. THE ONE MAN VILLAGE – finally on DVD
2. NEW in World Sales – LOOKING FOR ZAK / OUEIN ZAK? by Ihab Jadallah
3. Opening in German Theatres: JAFFA – THE ORANGE’S CLOCKWORK by Eyal Sivan
4. DVD of the month: MIKDAMOT

1. THE ONE MAN VILLAGE – finally on DVD

Award winning THE ONE MAN VILLAGE by Simon El Habre will be released in DVD next week. You can place your order now and we deliver as soon as the DVD arrives from the lab.

Semaan is leading a quiet life on his farm in the small village Ain el-Halazoun in the Lebanese mountains. The hamlet was completely emptied and destroyed in combats during the civil war in Lebanon between 1975 and 1990. Today, many years after an official reconciliation, its inhabitants which are all from one family regularly go back to the village to cultivate their plots of land or visit their houses and always leave before sunset.
In his comforting and humorous film Simon El Habre observes the life in his quasi ghost village and tries to reflect on the collective and individual memory in a country that seems to live in a collective amnesia and is vulnerable to a new civil war.

Lebanon 2009, Simon El Habre, documentary, 86min, Arabic
Subtitles: English, French, German, Serbian, Spanish, Italian
Bonus: Deleted Scenes, Sort-film, Making-Of
PAL, region free

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2. NEW in World Sales – LOOKING FOR ZAK / OUEIN ZAK? by Ihab Jadallah

A car parked in Jerusalem. Three friends are looking for their buddy Zak. In a Palestinian jail, in an Israeli jail - or did he go on a suicide mission? We take off for a static journey between reality and paranoia.
Ihab Jadallah, Palestine 2009, 9 min, fiction, Arabic with English subtitles

The director on the film: Looking for Zak is a paranoid mental journey searching for Zak. Yet at the end of the day, the impotence doesn’t allow the friends to even move the car from it’s a place and set off for a real search.
A simple structure drives the film from a static setting in a parked car to more agitated and paranoid scenes into which the mind of the three friends is driven by their fear for Zak. (Ihab Jadallah)
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3. Opening in German Theatres: JAFFA – THE ORANGE’S CLOCKWORK by Eyal Sivan

Who doesn’t know it, the Jaffa-Orange? Since decades it has been tasty, healthy and famous. Stars like Ingrid Bergmann and Louis Armstrong posed for it – “Jaffa” was the Coca Cola of the juices. The history of prominent seaport Jaffa, whose remains are a neighborhood of Tel Aviv today, stretches back thousands of years. Till the beginning of the 20th century it was one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East – culturally, economically and politically. For centuries oranges were cultivated in its hinterland and exported via the city’s harbor.

In Jaffa, The Orange’s Clockwork Eyal Sivan traces the orange-brand on the basis of unique archival material. He shows old photos, early film-footage, commercials, political posters, and paintings on the orange to Israeli and Palestinian intellectuals and workers from the citrus-industry. They remember, reflect and analyze their personal and their country’s history using the example of the Jaffa-Orange. The different narratives complement each other, break myths and write a history beyond nationalist historiography. At the same time the visual self-manifestation of Zionist brand “Jaffa” shows the systematic creation of a legend.
Eyal Sivan, IL/D/F/B 2009, 88 min, Hebrew/Arabic/English/French with German subtitles, Video
Preview Tour in the presence of the director:
10.10.2010 Premiere (in Cooperation with WDR) Filmforum Cologne
11.10.2010 ZKM Centre for  Media Art Karlsruhe
12.10.2010 3001 Kino Hamburg
13.10.2010 Kino im Kuenstlerhaus Hannover
14.10.2010 Eiszeit Kino Berlin
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4. DVD of the month: MIKDAMOT

Fascinating.... Jean Perret, Vision du Reel

The voice of this film is that of the Israeli author S. Yizhar, who reads the first few chapters of his autobiography "Mikdamot" (“Preliminaries” or “Prefaces” in Hebrew). Director Anat Even (“Detained”/"Asurot") accompanies Yizhar’s voice with her gaze, which continues it and stands against it at one and the same time.
S. Yizhar describes a dramatic day in the life of infant Yizhar, (1917) a story that is a dialogue of love and reckoning with his father, with the founding generation, and the Zionist dream. Even, who sees Yizhar as a member of that founding father generation, examines this score-settling up close through purely visual means. The film traverses Israel’s battered landscape, moving along its bypass roads that masquerade as the highway to Zionism, progressing and retreating in time when in fact it is stuck at the very point that Yizhar, the infant/80 year old, marked in “Mikdamot” – when the Zionist dream is simultaneously realized and shattered.
Yizhar Smilansky (b. 1917, known as S. Yizhar), is considered to be the greatest Israeli author of 20th century Hebrew writing; he is a part of the literary-cultural canon in Israel. His work spans over 60 years of writing and uses a unique language to draft the geographical and human landscape of Israel before, during and after the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

Anat Even, Israel 2005, documentary, shortfilm, 40 min, Hebrew
English (EAN: 4280000025142) Region 1, on stock
French (EAN: 42800000159) PAL on demand, delivery within 14 days
German (EAN: 4280000025135) PAL on stock

Best of Shorts, Israeli Documentary Forum
2. Prize, Nyon International Documentary Festival

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