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Press Commentaries

With a string of socially oriented features, Syrian cinema has moved recently into the forefront of Arab film production. And one might add neo-realist “street films” en vogue again throughout the Arab world, if entries at international fests are any indication. Mohammed Malas’ “Dreams Of A City” is a prime example of this trend. Pic is impressive as a debut feature. Malas is a creator to watch, so, too is Yasmine Khlat as the other. (Variety, May 1984)

The film is excellently composed and powerful in its colors. The work of Mohamad Malas reminds one of Pagnol, yet of a Pagnol who is not satisfied with superficial beauty. (L’Humanité, May 1984)

If the cinematic structure in his country will allow, one can expect a lot from Mohamad Malas in the future. (Jeune Afrique, May 1984)

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